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Default Re: Geale v Mundine II Road to redemption

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geale is a good fighter but bye no means is he a shoe in i think alot of guys on here are kidding themselves if they think geale wins this easy. say what u want but geale threw a **** load of punches last time they fought & most hit arms & glove. the volume of punches will be thrown by geale no doubt but the cleaner more effective will be thrown by mundine. there first fight i scored a draw so geale should have kept the belt if he mundine did take him for granted in that fight (not sure he did tho) geale will have his hands well & truly full. Geale is the rightful fav but come fight nite that counts for nothing. i hope we see an aussie classic for the ages. there both australian so its a win for us. cheers guys
You scored Geale a draw in his bout with Mundine 3 1/2 years ago. So at that stage there was little between them in your opinion.

How much do you think Geale has improved since then?

How much do you think Mundine has improved since then?
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