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Default Re: The Official Bangkok Fight Card Thread

Update on the THAI FIGHT 2012 FINALS from Bangkok last weekend. Well it started with a bang!!!


Iquezang Kor.Rungthanakeat (Thailand) vs Angelo Veniero (Spain)


Not much of a “super fight” more like a ritual sacrifice for the mainly Thai audience! Inexperienced under equipped foreigner gets ****d by battle hardened super seasoned veteran warrior! I do like Iquezang, a total nutjob with zero respect for foreign Muay Thai and a totally ***** out style, a new “Rambo” for a new decade?


Sudsakorn Sor. Klinmee
(Thailand) vs Gustavo Mendes (Brazil)



I could write the same thing all over again….it’s just way toooo easy. Bad match making, a comparative novice against an elite fighter. Sudsakorn’s a bad ass, the only way you’re gonna beat him is to bring it. You can’t let a guy like Sudsakorn dictate the pace and place of the fight. The Brazilian guy although he looked to have a bit of skill and a nice lead leg bought nothing except for a bit of a rally at the start of the third. It’s Thai Fight man! You’ve gotta go for it all guns blazing, it’s just screaming out for a surprise upset.


Singmanee Kaewsamrit
(Thailand) vs Andrei Kulebin (Belarus)


Great entrance! On paper this looked like it could be a bit of a fight and I’m glad to say it was. Andrei did what he needed to do to give himself a chance and that was to press the action, but unfortunately for him Singmanee’s defence was too tight. There was never a doubt in that fight who was in control, Singmanee could basically land and counter at will. I thought Andrei who’s clearly got some skills did well, but it’s always gonna be a big ask against a top Thai. Anyway, well done Singmanee 67kg Champ!


Buakaw Por. Pramuk (Thailand) vs Vital Hurkou (Belarus)


What an entrance! For those that don’t know Thailand that well that entrance was oozing, infact exploding with Thai national Pride which is basically the point of the Thai fight promotion. You’ve got Thailand’s biggest warrior Muay Thai export ever coming out to the theme from Bang Rajan which is a movie about a famous last stand against the Burmese, sung by Thailand’s No 1 nationalist singer Ad Carabou in an event held in King Rama V square, under a giant banner of the current King Rama 9, both of which are probably Thailand’ most popular recent Kings, all this to basically slaughter a foreigner! You gotta love subtlety!

Anyway, back to the fight….What a ****py final and boy is it all just oh so easy for “the great one” even against an ugly messy spoiling fighter like Hurkou, who was over committed and off balance the whole time lunging in without any real thought…..horrible unattractive MT. Anyway. Buakaw is the 70kg champ…..again. Wonder what’ll happen with Aikpracha & Khem next year?

A lot of people are slagging off Thai fight cos the bouts are too easy for the Thais particularly Buakaw, but Thai Fight & Buakaw have achieved something previously quite hard and that’s get the casual Thai from the middle class watching Muay Thai, not an easy thing to do. The Thai fighters are supposed to win for the Thai nationalist audience, but to be fair how many foreigners out there have the skills to beat Singmanee, Sudaksorn, Buakaw etc? not many at all. The promotion is slick, classy and world class it should be a big international hit, but they’ve gotta get the match ups more competitive I admit, but who’s gonna be the star and carry the show when Buakaw calls it a day? No one has his international and domestic profile in the vast ranks of Thai MT fighters.

By the way there was also a 4 man HW tournament on the night, but I didn’t post it cos I think heavyweight MT should be banned, it hurts my eyes………
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