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Default Re: The method - johnny famechon

Originally Posted by atigerofold View Post

1. to hit, and not be hit.

2. Q: so what mechanism do you build into the left jab.... Answer: you hop up, and your back foot is about one foot behind your left foot, and it is used as the power foot leverage for your left jab; defensively you've tucked your chin in behind your left shoulder, and you hold your right hand rigidly over your chin..... You deliver your left jab solidly and rapidly (never tokenly).


1. the exact first words my trainer said to me to begin my first lesson. "the art of boxing is to hit, and not be hit.."

2. basically what you have said is exaxtly how i was taught. as novices we would actually exchange jabs in rythum, catching and jabbing at the same time. it taught you to keep your chin down and use your right to proteet and cathc the opponents jab.

from another trainer, he showed me that as you delivered a jab (as above) you also ducked a little and to the right, which would slip any opponents jab, while transfering your weight onto your back foot, ready to cross with your right as your opponents jab went over your shoulder.

i dont believe in overcommiting with your jab, because if you miss, you are exposed to a counter right by an opponent, as you are coming forward and ofgf balance.

as you know, there are many types of jabs. i havent been to a lot of gyms to see different practices. but what you are describing is the way the now 80yo trainer taught me. the bloke that taught me to duck a little as i jabbed was perhaps 20 years younger than him. perhaps it was an evolvement over the years, as they had both been pros and trained in good gyms.
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