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Default Re: is tommy morrison alive ??

Originally Posted by janeschicken View Post
Yeah, this really is a crazy story. I also agree that the pic of him in the gym is much older and likely not a recent one at all.. he was "fighting" as recently as 2008, and that may have been taken around that time.

We need a good investigative journalist to dig into this one.
It's never gonna happen. Wherever Tommy was last staying, I believe Pigeon Forge TN, his wife claimed they don't have any internet access, hence the "lack of updates" on her part. Consider that until about December of 2011, Tommy was on the internet constantley emailing fans, visiting message boards, etc. Tommy was always friendly to all of his fans and answered every email, until all of a sudden when he went totally quiet.

There is a poster on here, Russ010, who has done a series of interviews with Morrison and his wife, and he got to know them closely, and he has not heard from them in some time. Their phone number is evidently disconnected.

Over the summer there was some drama on Tommy's official facebook, someone claiming to be his niece stated that Tommy was in fact dying, and that Trisha (his wife) would not let any of the family or his own kids come and see him. She accused her of letting Tommy get very sick by telling Tommy not to take his medicine because he was fine. Very sad that she would publicly put that out there.

I am a huge fan of the Duke, and i have followed his story very closely, until news on him went TOTALLY QUIET earlier this year. It is very unsettling because on many boxing boards, the opinion is that Tommy has been dead for several months, and his wife is allegedly still cashing his disability checks. Consider that this thing happens in towns all over the USA at any given point, and it isn't so far fetched. I've searched google and came up with dozens of stories where people have continued cashing Disability checks for years after a relative's death. The person getting disability evidently has to check in in person every year, few years, etc. and that is when they get busted when the dead person never shows up....
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