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Good post Swingin !

You are so right with the statement that there are so many types of jabs...thrown in a huge variety of styles and to overcommitting with the is essential that you never do.... and one's decision making is often the self talk of "yes" "no" to the umdy-dozen-thousands per second. But at the same time, great confidence is gained by throwing that block buster of a left jab; chin behind the shoulder, right glove rigidly protecting the chin, back foot moving up and near to the heel of the front foot, ready to lever that punch through to the back of an opponents head.....timing must be perfect....the jab must be thrown at faster than lightening speed......the feet must be set in place for that beez **** of a second. It is not a case of closing your eyes and hoping you hit either, it is a calculated, farking hard block buster, not a token flick out that can be brushed aside, or anticipated and right countered....... The practise also requires rapid thinking, and close waiting, waiting, waiting, till the moment is right, it is thrown so hard and fast that it hits your opponent before any counters can hit you. Sounds like I am skyting, but seriously, this is tested in this fashion when sparring,and any flaws are picked up there. The spars are intense and savage also.

I used to spar Mattioli, and I picked up on his left block-buster skill.....Ambrose never taught me the 'science' of Mattioli's left jab, it was just so farking obvious that Rockys left jabs were never able to be brushed aside, and caused an immense amount of pain and bother when they hit home.. It made me study his left jab with intensity, watching his timing, his movement, all the power efficiently going to where it was finally needed, as he rapidly entered the punch zone and launched those jabs so savagely. Pure and utter violence, but done so sweetly. I think a large part of Mattioli's skill was his waiting/calculation.....he'd give you a half a beez **** of movement, then beat you to the punch by his rapid hand skill.....

Speed, pace, power, prediction, precise timing, protective strategies can be easily read about, but to flower, need a lot of development, practise and directed practise, over a long and disciplined time.

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