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Default Re: This... is my training log

20 minute run

30 second rounds:
10 rounds of rapidfires
15 frog jumps
6 rounds of shoeshines
20 pushups
18 rounds of 1-2-leanbacks
35 rounds of crates

2 minutes of reaching for the goals
20 pushups
3 minutes of mountain climbers
50 pushups
2 sets of 15 dips

DONE! .. but i decided to work abs. 'cause that's what i like to do

2 sets of 15 butterfly sit-ups + 15sit up drop things
2 sets of 25 in and outs
20 reps of 12 lb. ball on my pansa
20 reps on each side of my abs
then i did the same to Monster but i threw it at his abs , so it worked my arms real good.

NOW im done.
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