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Default Re: is tommy morrison alive ??

Thanks for the info ironmark.

Found this on another forum.....

I received this email from Morrison's former trainer, Tom Virgets... but have been unable to get an update since. This was on July 24th, 2012:


Tommy is in the last stages of HIV/AIDS. He is weighing approximately 150 lbs. He has lost most of his mental faculties ( may or may not remember people from day to day)) and spends most of his days in bed. I am afraid that he will not last more than a month or two. Tommy continues to believe that he does not have aids. He is convinced that this most recent set back in his health is due to a spider bite.


When was the last confirmed contact with Tommy or Trish ? How accurate is this info given ?

Hooked on this ****, what the **** is going on with this guy.

EDIT - Posted that before your second post ironmark
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