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Default Re: ESB ATGs Muay Thai / KickBoxing fighters Thread

Originally Posted by boranbkk View Post
We haven't posted this classic battle here yet, but boy does it deserve to be on here. In Thailand it's widely considered to be THE fight of the Golden Age cos of its relentless action from start to finish.

It features our favourite ATG nutcase "Rambo" Pongsiri Por. Ruamruedee (Red) vs famed knee specialist Pirotnoi Sor. Siamchai nicknamed "Lurd Lek" which roughly translates as "Steel Blood" or "Blood of Steel".

Anyway, Lumpinee Stadium - 25.07.1989 - @ 112lbs

3 cuts within the first minute of the fight! I warn you.............THIS IS MT ATG WAAARRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!
Wow, i can only imagine what the callers were saying, the translation or even subtitles would be full on.
What a war...
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