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Default Re: Jack Dempsey vs James Toney @ 190 Catchweight

I'm not sure Dempsey was the greatest offensive machine ever up to his time, never mind up to more recently.
But he looks to be far too much for the likes of James Toney, from where I'm sitting anyway.

Toney's one of those fighters who gets over-rated for his cute moves. People tend to ignore the times he gets hit or his glaring flaws, because when his cute moves work it looks so easy, and so cute.

I watched his fight with Jirov recently. And that was a good performance. But no way can I see that guy beating a Dempsey. He's hardly got any legs, what's he going to do ? Jirov hurt him a few times with body shots, I hate to think what Dempsey would do to that fat belly.
Dempsey was described as a 'mauler' quite aptly. You can only be so cute when you're standing toe to toe with a mauler, and there's no doubt that Dempsey will be able to close on Toney. Ugly often beats cute.
Guys like Tunney and Gibbons were tough men and clever boxers but they knew better than to attempt to fight Dempsey without a lot of foot movement. They didn't stand a chance going to the ropes and trying to counter punch.
Toney's going to be standing on the ropes, tryin to be cute and pot-shot, and he'll get eaten up by a very vicious 190 pound fighter.
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