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Default Re: Discuss fighters Jones Jr ducked in his prime

Originally Posted by pecho26 View Post
Bruce lee was a bad mother****er,Gene Lebell who was a great judoka taught Bruce grappling,so Bruce had a grappling knowledge,Lee as i read worked on different techniques as well including boxing,leg kicks,wing chun.
In his weight division with all that physical attributes he would be very good.

I think he was a guy who when you first taught him a move,the second time he did it like you did and third the better than you.So i think the ground work would be easier for him to learn.And that guy was so ridiculously fast as well.But who knows....
About the current HW of UFC,no i think he would get pummeled.But thats just my opinion.
I dont know if you watched K-1 ever but there is a guy who fights in HW division,Kaoklai Kaennorsing who weighs 75-78 kg,he has ***** of steel to fight guys who outwegh him by 20-30 kg.Check him out if you have the time.

Todays mma fighters go and learn boxing from Joel Diaz,Jeff Mayweather,Floyd Mayweather,Freddie Roach and few others,so skill wise they are better than b4.
Ofc it will never be on boxers levels considering their hands,movement,rythm etc.

I am BIG boxing fan,but i love to watch a good mma fight(Junior dos Santos,Cain Velasquez,Anderson Silva,Nick Diaz etc).
Those guys train pretty hard and i have a friend who has over 30 pro MMA fights,i used to spar with him all the time.So i respect them a lot.
Thanks for the great reply mate, I enjoyed reading that. I respect your opinion on Bruce, and many people share your opinion. Like I say, I haven't watched The UFC for a while, but I'm going to give it another go. I've never heard of Kaoklai Kaennorsing. He sounds fascinating. I'll have a look on youtube and read up on him, then I'll get back to you.

Thanks Pecho!

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