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Default Re: Discuss fighters Jones Jr ducked in his prime


Is he saying that DM would get 5M from the HBO and he himself would get 7M?

Wauw. Thats new. I frankly dont believe it. Jones must have a memory lapse. Jones normally got considerably less than 3M from HBO and now they offer 13M for both? I wont believe it untill there's a credible source confirming. Do you believe it? Honest!
Bat, I loves these debates, but you're being silly.

It seems you don't want to believe anything. We've got a quote from Murad saying DM was asking for $6M and we've got Roy saying he was actually offered $5M.

Because taking an undercard fight for peanuts without a guaranteed Jones shot would be stupid on DM's part and by definition non-commital on Jones' behalf.
You use the word undercard, like it was degrading him as a nobody.

It was a double header with the worlds best fighter, to promote their fight.

Two questions.

1. Who says DM was only going to be paid peanuts for the double header?

2. Why on earth do you keep suggesting that he wouldn't have got a guaranteed shot afterwards?

You are being ridiculous!

Of course there would have been a guaranteed shot afterwards. That was the whole point of the double header. To make the fight bigger.

They would have had to have paid DM to come over to fight in the U.S. to appear on the double header. Now if this had have happened, it would have generated huge interest in a fight between them afterwards.

HBO and everyone involved would not have taken the time and spent the money on organising the double header, if they weren't going to fight each other afterwards. The sole purpose of the double header, was to hype the fight. Of course they would have fought afterwards.

They could have just tried to have made the fight anyway. But the fact they tried to make the double header, just proves how much Roy and HBO and everyone wanted it. They wanted to make it a huge fight. You also have to remember that DM was famous in America, but mainly, just by name only. DM became known as the guy who had the only belt that Roy didn't have in the division, and he was at the top of the ranking systems. However, not many fans in the U.S. had actually seen him fight, for obvious reasons.

So one of the main reasons for the double header, was to actually showcase DM to the American public.

Stop saying that or show a legitimate source saying Jones would commit to he deal.
Again you are being ridiculous. The links with Roy's advisor Brad Jacobs sitting down with HBO reps, and trying to get Kohl on the phone, is PROOF that Roy was committed. Roy fought 25 times on HBO, he and Oscar were their main fighters. HBO who Roy was contracted to, tried to make the double header. That's also PROOF that Roy was committed. You've also just seen a video where Roy says his employers had offered DM $5M. That is even further PROOF.

And Jones continued fighting janitors and streetsweepers.
He fought Gonzalez, then in 2002 he tried to make the Hopkins rematch, but Bernard priced himself out. He then fought Kelly, a mandatory in Woods, and then he went to heavy for Ruiz, and then back for Tarver, when he couldn't get other fights at heavy.

Jones would say and do whatever he pleased. Everybody knew that. I wouldn't believe anything untill I had a signed contract.
No! Roy wanted this fight. That is blatently obvious in the 5 articles and the video that you've been shown. He tried to make the DM fight and then later the Hop rematch to shut up the critics and please the fans.

He only made the decision to move upto heavy AFTER these fights couldn't be made.

It took Murad 2-3 months to tie up the Ruiz fight.

But in 2001, DM was the biggest fight out ther for Roy at 175.

The fact that after the DM fight fell through, he tried to make the Hop rematch, PROVES that he wouldn't have jumped ship to go to heavy after the double header.

So Jones' story is the whole truth?
It's not Jones's story, you have 5 different articles.

I don't even think you've read them.

Murad would have no reason whatoever to lie.

He's told us roughly what DM was fighting for, and what he wanted.

Roy has told us what HBO actually offered him.

We then know that after negotiations broke down, he continued fighting for the same money against the likes of Harmon and Hall.

If you're fighting for $1-1.5M, then you turn down $5M to unify the whole division, then continue to fight for the same $1-1.5M as you were before, then you don't want the fight.

NOBODY would have turned down that amount of money, to then fight Richard Hall TWICE, if they'd really have wanted the fight.

Those actions tell you just how much he wanted his old belts back. It obviously wasn't worth the risk for him.

Wake up!

Regards, Loudon.

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