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Default Re: Discuss fighters Jones Jr ducked in his prime

Originally Posted by dinovelvet View Post
History proves you wrong you absolute moron. How did he duck somebody when he was out for a year with an injury. Did he fght somebody else???? You are as thick as two short planks.
First, I'm not going to say Ward ducked Bute because I dont think he did. That said, I do have some questions.

Giving Andre Ward the benefit of the doubt and saying that he was legitimately out for a year with an injury - it happens and we have no reason to assume that it wasn't a legitimate injury - why did Ward, almost the second Bute signed his two fight deal with Froch, go out of his way to say Bute had never attempted to arrange a fight him in the first place?

Why did Ward go public and say that he was dissapointed that Bute was fighting Froch after previously saying Bute had to beat a better class opposition to get a fight with Ward?

Why did Ward act as if Bute/Ward was there to be made if he was out injured at the time and then complain that Bute was facing the second best guy in the division when the best was unavailable because of an injury?
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