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Default Re: ESB ATGs Muay Thai / KickBoxing fighters Thread

Originally Posted by Flea Man View Post
Already peaked and dropped off when he died.

Ace though; didn't have the luxury of a straw weight division either. Shame there's no footage but had some solid wins and mixed in the highest calibre you can imagine for the lower weights.

Thank you for the feedback. Care if I pick you guys' brains some more?

Samart Payakaroon, how impressive was his win over the aforementioned Vorasingh for it being just his debut?

Also, came across a forum on Khaosai Galaxy: http://www.***********.com/forums/ar.../t-453649.html. Here's a post from it:

He could of been greater if he fought the other great boxers around his weight like Orlando Canizales, Raul Perez, Wilfredo Vasquez, Sung-kil Moon, Jiro Watanabe, Gilberto Roman and others.

His resume doesn't pull through for him at all his best win is what, a way past it Orano ?, that's awful considering the people he could of fought.

Watanabe ducked him, don't see any excuse for him not fighting the others other then him or his promoters wanting to stay in his own country.
Is this broadly accurate on Galaxy?
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