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Default Re: Discuss fighters Jones Jr ducked in his prime

Originally Posted by knockout artist View Post
Explain to me how he was out for a year with injury?

You've seen he was training in May

Fought in September

How was he out for a year (12 months)!?
It was the best part of a year. Nitpicking a few months shows how desperate you are.

Ill put it to you this way, so everybody can see how much of of a hater and bigot you are.

If Stieglitz, Stevenson or any other SMW called out Ward in Dec 2011 right after the Super6, does that mean he ducked them too? Ward is on record saying he was taking a break after a gruelling two years and also to let his broken hand heal. They can say , we never heard anything from Wards camp, just like Bute did. But He did NOT FIGHT TILL THE END OF 2012. How the **** did he duck ANYBODY.

You expossed yourself in this thread. You can come back with whatever bull**** you want. Im done with you.
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