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Default WSB (World Series of Boxing) - Season 3 ***Champions: Kazakhstan Astana Arlans***

We are four weeks into the season.

Catch up on the meets to date:

Overview, for those who aren't familiar:

"The World Series of Boxing or WSB is an international boxing competition for amateur boxers, organised by AIBA. Unlike traditional amateur boxing, competitors taking part in sanctioned World Series of Boxing bouts must be bare-chested and are not permitted to wear protective headgear. Each participating boxer is drafted by one of a number of international franchises and can earn money by taking part in professional-style bouts. However, they maintain amateur status and remain eligible to compete at the Olympic Games. Like professional boxing, each bout is decided by the scores of three judges or, in some cases, by a knockout, technical knockout or walk-over. A WSB meet between two international franchises consists of bouts in five weight categories. There are five three-minute rounds in each bout and the team that wins the most number of bouts wins the meet."

Current standings:
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