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Default Re: Discuss fighters Jones Jr ducked in his prime

Originally Posted by dinovelvet View Post
It was the best part of a year. Nitpicking a few months shows how desperate you are.
9 months is 3 quarters of a year. 3 months is a significant period of time, so it's not nitpicking. You are wrong again

Ill put it to you this way, so everybody can see how much of of a hater and bigot you are.

If Stieglitz, Stevenson or any other SMW called out Ward in Dec 2011 right after the Super6, does that mean he ducked them too? Ward is on record saying he was taking a break after a gruelling two years and also to let his broken hand heal. They can say , we never heard anything from Wards camp, just like Bute did. But He did NOT FIGHT TILL THE END OF 2012. How the **** did he duck ANYBODY.

Do you work for team Ward?! Carl Froch has been on a more gruelling schedule, seeing as he actually travelled in the Super 6, and he came out and fought Bute, now he wants either Bute or Kessler again next - so don't start that nonsense up

Ward's hand was given the all clear, and he was ready to train in February

His broken hand was healed and given clearance in February to train

"Andre went to the doctor and the hand is healing up nicely, and now he is cleared to move forward utilizing the hand as he feels ready to use it," promoter Dan Goossen said.

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Ward, 27, took some time off after the fight, including a family vacation to Hawaii. Now, with the hand ready to go, Ward said he is anxious to return to the ring.

"It went well," Ward said of his recent doctor's visit. "The hand is much better, somewhere around 90 percent. The key is to let pain be my guide. If something hurts, don't do it."

The hand is no excuse, so what injury kept him away? Nothing.

Finally, what a silly example, did any of those guys actually call out Ward?

Was there any demand for them to fight him?

Bute called out Ward, and there was a lot of demand for the fight. It was considered one of the biggest fights outside of Mayweather-Pacquiao

You expossed yourself in this thread. You can come back with whatever bull**** you want. Im done with you.

I think the word you're looking for is 'exposed' and no I didn't

Originally Posted by dinovelvet View Post
Because Ward expected the fight would be made,
How can he expect the fight to be made, when he doesn't instruct his team to contact Bute's camp?

"It's like he was resurrected after Easter ... after all, his nickname is 'Son Of God.' When I first read [Ward's comments], I thought it was a joke. We never had any discussions with Andre Ward. In fact, we have not heard from him since December 18... If he wanted to fight Lucian, we might have already been one week away before the fight."

but Bute went and signed a two fight deal with Froch , eliminating any chance of a Ward/Bute fight. Bute did this, not Ward. The facts are out there for a child to understand.
Bute wanted a big name and they jumped on Froch after seeing him get dismantled by Ward. They immediately signed a two fight deal straight after the Super6 was over.

Bute signed to fight Froch, because Ward wouldn't face him - End of.
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