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Default Re: Ricky Burns ducking Broner again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

I'm prepared to possibly give Burns until the summer to see if this happens, based on the fact he's had two opponents pull out and awful preparation for a February bout with Broner. His manager Alex Morrison said he would prefer Burns to have another fight first which sounds sensible.

It depends who the fight is with in January though. If it's Liam Walsh or an opponent the level of the guys he's been fighting recently, it's hardly great prep either. I'd like to see a serious world-level opponent for once in January as a show of intent to say 'I want Adrien Broner late spring/early summer'.

That said, if Broner fights and beats Abril in February and Burns then calls him out for a sumer bout, I wouldn't blame Broner at all for telling him to get ****ed and moving up to 140 for bigger fights. Burns will have had his opportunity to fight Broner twice and blown it twice.

I do get the sense there's ducking from his side, though I'm not sure whether it's him and his management not wanting to risk losing the belt, or ****** wanting to keep him away. I think they should take it though. If he loses, so what? It's to a guy who'll be a P4P very soon, who'll then move up to 140. Burns is good enough to come again and establish himself at the top of a desolate 135 pile again, with the chance to pick up one of two vacant belts.
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