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Default Re: How Come Ali Has Never Been TKO'd from a Bodyshot?

Originally Posted by salsanchezfan View Post
Where would one look this up?

That whole computer fight thing has as many myths as truths surrounding it. Whose word are we supposed to believe on that, incidentally? You know, just so we know whom to look for.....
I read it before and Ali has said Marciano is better and hit harder than Frazier.

This, of course, happened in round ten, eleven and twelve. Initially, the script showed that Marciano drops Ali in round ten. But in round eleven, the audience notices that Marciano's wig is slightly pushed off its position, displaying his bald head---and from that moment on the real fists began to fly off and on. According to Murray Woroner himself, it was during this sequence (they filmed 75 one minute rounds) that Ali was joking with Marciano, throwing high jabs that repeatedly knocked Rocky's wig off. Marciano, after the second time it happened, told Ali outright not to do it again. Ali, of course, pushed his luck and fired a jab, off comes the wig and Marciano without hesitation digs a right hook to Ali's body and the present champion was doubled over to the point his knees touched the ground. Filming was halted immediately and Marciano went on a rampage saying to the effect that if Muhammad wanted to fight for keeps, they could do it right then and there. Marciano eventually was asked to cool down, and later all feelings of unease were settled---for the time being.

Sounds excatly like something Ali would do!
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