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Default Re: is tommy morrison alive ??

Originally Posted by ironmark View Post
He tested negative reportedly 11 different times from December 2006 to February 2007, and it was one of these negative tests that was able to get him the license in West Virginia.

HOWEVER Morrison tested positive again for HIV and Hepatitis C after the John Castle Fight and right before he fought that MMA guy out on the indian reservation. His former lawyer, Randy Lang, was getting him fights based on the fact that Tommy was suffering HIV discrimination, and being properly medicated should not prevent him from earning a living in the ring.

He had the Castle Fight, then his next fight was supposed to be against Dale Ortiz in Houston, TX, but that was cancelled when Morrison himself withdrew the license application. Randy Lang told USA Today that he distanced himself from Morrison when Morrison began to tell the public that he had never been infected with HIV, nor did he ever take medication for the virus. Lang says Morrison was fit and strong in 2007 due to being on HIV antiretrovirals and also perscription anabolic steroids to cope with the weight loss. Lang said Morrison was a chain-smoking, 160 pound shell of a heavyweight when he first met him in 2005....
it is my understanding that hep c is passed through needles and blood as opposed to ***ual contact. i know someone that allegedly contracted this virus from a tattoo artist who apparantly had a cut on his finger when he was admistering a tat on said person. tatto artist died and my friend didnt know he had hep until seven years later. one of his symptoms was an enlarged stomach that he had to have periodically drained, similar to what the photo of morrison shows.

what was the theory of how morrison contracted hiv?

appreciate your insight on morrison by the way.
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