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Default Re: WSB (World Series of Boxing) - Season 3

Originally Posted by Vysotsky View Post
The LW's Matviychuk, Kyslytsyn and MW's Mytrofanov, Golub are all 1st rate guys so Lomachenko, Berinchyk and Khytrov just give them ridiculous depth but HW, LHW and BW are weak without them so they've been losing the team compititions because of it.
Viktor Vykhrest 1-0
Anatoli Antoniuk 0-1
Rostyslav Arkhypenko 0-2

Denys Poyatsyka 1-1
Sergiy Lapin 0-1
Denys Solonenko 0-1

Usyk & Gvozdyk will have to show them how it's done. When do they join the team?

As for bantam...

Ivan Ilnytskyy 0-1
Viktor Gogolyev 1-0
Alexandr Riscan 0-1

The only Ukrainian representative in London was Pavlo Ishchenko and he got bounced pretty decisively by Joe Diaz Jr. in the RO32, coming nowhere near a medal. Is he talented enough to salvage that division, or is he more or less the same level as those already competing?
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