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Default Re: What are your views on boxing?

Originally Posted by BobDigi5060 View Post
The reality is Boxing is not what it use to be.
Originally Posted by BobDigi5060 View Post
Here, in this Section, Boxing is an afterthought. The only Boxing talk going on here is from a historical standpoint because the Sport is more business than competition nowadays.

I think it's unfortunate the OP went snooping on large MMA boards when he has to look no further.

This is where it's at The General speaks volumes, and is a pile of ****, now with more gifs, memes, and silly youtube clips than ever. But, I will be an ESBer as long as necessary, as long as MMA exists.
Originally Posted by BobDigi5060 View Post
Say what you will, but what goes on between these caged walls is pure, no over the top sideshows like Pride, no payoffs, no disgraceful judges cageside, none.

This is The Golden Era of Mixed Martial Arts, The UFC is where it's at, and the whole World has taken note.
Originally Posted by BobDigi5060 View Post
More business than Sport, padding of records, ducking, it's easier than ever now....

The Sports World hasn't seen warriors like this since The Gillette Cavalcade of Sports, last week The UFC put on the best free tv fight card since the 1950's, as Boxing fans got robbed $60 for another Main Event with a neglected undercard.
Originally Posted by BobDigi5060 View Post
Gotta love how mods keep this **** in our Section for so long.... Where did this thread come from? It grew arms, legs, and became a hairy best overnight.

Why? Why why why?? Why do you punish us with these threads? Is it for asking for Mixed Martial Arts bets in our Non Boxing Section?

I want answers.
What else do you want to know OP?

Are you new, or just baiting me?? I copypasta because I don't want to roll in the gutter from thread to thread.
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