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Default Re: is tommy morrison alive ??

It pains me to say it but if he isn't already dead then he's likely very, very close to it.

Steroids or not (lots of stories floating about over the years) he used to be a large, muscular man, with very young looks. Over a relatively short time he's REALLY aged, looking terrible even for a person 15 years his senior.

Recent photos he seems gaunt, sick, malnourished, weak, the list goes on; so clearly there's something severely wrogn with his health. The whole HIV/AIDS talk seems pretty clear cut, though obvious we, as the general public, are denied any blank adn white document saying yes or no.

Photos of his finger rotting, stick thin legs, lesions etc are a bit too coincidental with all of the HIV accusations in my opinion; this story about his wife/gf sound certainly feasible - i've seen on facebook and forums the odd message from her and she seems to come up with weird, almost ludicrous, stories to explain why he hasn't messaged himself.

It's all very strange...
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