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Default Re: the method

I remember Pat Leglise; he had a great career.
Only saw a few of his fights in Melbourne; cannot remember if he threw the
formidable right lead uppercut, judging on the series of 23 fights he won in a row,
I would guess that he didnt throw it....then again, he won a large amount of his fights on knockouts.(half of them in fact)

There are so many ways to throw punches, and many directions to throw them in, attacking, retreating, side stepping, countering etc etc.

I think that a fighter learns to manage the style and action of his best punches; he usually is taught by opponents/sparring partners on what he can get away with......but I think the method instructions assist in providing knowledge about what is historically, preferred safe action.

I thought of another strategic punch that Palmer taught; dont know if this is in the Method, (I gave my signed copy away) this punch was a devastating blow, probably correctly termed as a counter punch; it was timed and thrown as a direct straight right cross 'inside' an opponents leading left hook.....this was particularly effective when the opponent threw his left hook without covering his chin (with right hand). The vigillant wait was on, as you waited, waited (finger on the trigger) as the opponent's left hook began; the arrow went through to the bulls eye, as your right cross travelled through, to the unprotected chin; it often gave you a sense that you were like a theif in the night throwing this punch. (and) This counter punch was highly punitive in its delivery, in picking up on a blatant defense mistake by the thrower of the lead left hook (who lazily, or uncaringly, did not bother to cover his chin whilst left hooking) This timed, "clever" right cross, usually caused a knockdown.

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