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Default Re: What are your views on boxing?

Originally Posted by Travis Fulton View Post
was watchin boxing well b4 mma
i like both

warched a lot of boxing from 2000 to 2005
really liked the klitchs, rjj, b-hop, trinidad, etc.. from that era
lost the passion for it a couple of years ago not because it was worse or anything
i just find mma more entertaining, i like martial arts, so when i see fighters doing crazy kicks etc...
you just dont get that in boxing

& frankly the only arguments anti-mma boxing fans have is that mma is some kind of gay grindfest with only ground work

i like both & think its stoopid to hate one if you like one
I agree. The problem with boxing is the way it is promoted, I will hear about a fight that interests me set to go down in say 2 months, then that is all I hear about it until the day after it actually happens.

I don't know if it is promoted differently in the states or UK where a lot of people on this site tend to reside, but as a Canadian I don't see a lot of promotions selling their fights.

UFC on the other hand, I bet you if I skim through my channel guide there will be something about it on TV somewhere.
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