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Default Re: Discuss fighters Jones Jr ducked in his prime

Originally Posted by bailey View Post
Kessler was a good win, but it was also older, rusty unwell double vision suffering Kessler that Ward was facing, who had been exposed previously.
With Froch, its a bit misleading, Froch struggled with Pascal who did nothing at SMW, was behind against Taylor before the end, who did nothing at SMW, some think he lost to Dirrell who had done nothing at SMW, He did lose to unwell Kessler, clearly beat Abraham coming off a loss, then fought old SMW journeyman G Johnson to a Mdec, which isnt good.
So the run up with Froch wasnt as good as it sounds.
Johnson was handled far easier in the older SMW era, when Johnson was prime.
Ward could have fought Bute. Due to Bute being an undefeated world champ and looking destructive, it would have been Wards biggest win. ward didnt take the challenge and Bute had fought some fair comp

Kessler is what now 3 x champ ? All that double vision **** came after Ward .

And exposed by whom?

Froch has done more in 2yrs than Bute has as IBF champ ! Look who he's fought since capturing the title .You want to discredit Froch's win but compared what Bute has done since winning the belt back in 07 Froch's resume trumps most if not all of Bute's wins !

The only reason Bute was an undefeated world champ was he kept fighting stiff after stiff similar to his idol .Ward fought much better comp in less time than Lucian has been champ same as Froch yet Bute because he was nothing more than a belt holder and undefeated yet didnt have the resume of the 2 guys mentioned was more dangerous ?

I get it the undefeated record supercedes the quality and caliber of opponents .That would have been Wards biggest win ,yeah ok **** you still don't give credit to Froch for beating him yet you would have gave it too Ward ..The Dawson win was a bigger one than Bute !
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