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Default Re: My first steps into training and coaching..

Originally Posted by slip&counter View Post
So after years of deliberating and procrastinating. I've decided to take the plunge and start training young boxers. I'm ganna train my son anyway, who's not yet in his teens, but i'm also ganna start to hopefully train others. I've spent time learning and helping out young amateurs in the past. Now the plan is to get into it more and dedicate more time.

I have a bit of an old school approach to things.

So, any advise for me fellas as i take this journey?

Oh and if anyone is ever in Islington ABC, say hello.
Nothing wrong with the old school approach, these yappers will have you believing that, you are ignorant, if you dont know what they know.
There are ton's of training vid's on youtube, featuring many styles, see which one's work for you. One of the things Emmanuel Steward, would emphasize is proper balance and the basic's. Good luck to you, seems you were wise in your choice of gyms, plenty of quality sparring.
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