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Default Re: Do you consider Juan Manuel Marquez to be an ATG

Originally Posted by MagnaNasakki View Post
I have it 4-0 for Marquez, but I can absolutely see scoring the first fight to Manny.

2nd fight was close, but the only way to have it for Pac is to have it 6-6. NO WAY did Pacquiao win 7 rounds. I had Marquez winning seven rounds, close fight, Manny got it, these things happen.

Third fight, Pacquiao got a gift. Period. He was schooled, 8-4.

And, of course, 4th fight he got KTFO.

I think Marquez has proven to be more then Pacquiao's match in terms of actual ability in the ring. They are on the same tier of fighter in terms of skill and ability. Pacquiao accomplished more with his career, and it will probably go down in history that way, because I see Marquez as being near the end.
I agree.
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