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Default Re: The Official Bangkok Fight Card Thread

Originally Posted by Lynchburg View Post
Why no love for us heavyweights Boran?

Although i'm no longer a HW

Hey Lynchy

Don’t take this the wrong way mate, but Muay Thai is a small guy's sport, it just wasn’t designed with the big boyz in mind. HW Muay Thai and say Muay Thai under 70 kilos are just two totally different sports. There are so few big guys that have the athleticism and coordination to master even basic techniques let alone fight in a fluid attractive manner. Because of the rarity of quality big boyz most fights in the division look like novice fights by Thai standards and hence pretty unwatchable, especially if your used to watching Thailand’s finest day in and day out.

To be honest it’s not really their fault, their own bodies and the sports basic fundamentals are all stacked against them: in the clinch balance is key, the ability to take repeated low kicks is a must, the crucial ability to increasing the pace of the fight to its zenith in the 5th are all a few things physically problematic for most big men and that’s before we even start getting into the natural coordination and body mechanics needed for learning correct and fluid technique. Don't get me wrong of course some HWs can cut the mus****, but boy are they rare.

HW MMA I enjoy, HW boxing & HW K-1 styled kickboxing I can just about stomach, but HW MT………. it’s just way toooo painful for me to watch. It’s like when the X factor takes a classic ATG song and then butchers it with some shinyfaced little *****.
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