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Default Re: Is there a best time to go running?

So is there a definite answer to this problem? Which is better, running in the morning (getting up anywhere between 5-7 AM), or running at night?
For me, it is very very hard to get up in the morning, that's why I usually do my running at night, at around 9 PM or 10 PM. However, most fighters that I've looked up like Tyson, Pacquiao, Martinez, etc, they all do their running in the morning. Tyson used to get up at 4 AM, Pacquiao and Martinez at 5 AM, I've never heard of a SINGLE professional fighter who does their roadwork at night, and that kind of concerns me and makes me wonder if me running at night is a bad thing...
Honestly me personally, I like running at night alot more, I feel more energetic and alone, but, if someone can show me proof that running in the morning is better, I'm willing to run in the morning instead.
So does anyone have any definite proof that running in the morning is better than running at night? Any help would be really appreciated, I really would like to know as I am about to begin training to become a boxer.
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