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Default Re: Jack Dempsey vs James Toney @ 190 Catchweight

the more i think about this the more i think jack would win a close fight on points like you do. jack was quick as hell an did have crazy upperbody movement at time, agility, fast feet. I think the dempsey of the willard fight would get countered bad though, he was a bit wreckless an you cant do that to james. its been so long since ive watched other jack fights so ill refrain from going further. Dempsey was all around faster than jirov an toney had to dig very deep in that fight. i think this would be an extremely violent fight
Originally Posted by lufcrazy View Post
And Dempsey never stopped a fighter as defensively skilled as Toney.

If Denis lebedev couldn't stop Toney when he was beyond shot, drained and about 52 I don't see anyone doing it below that limit. Peter and rahman are harder punchers than Dempsey and neither could stop Toney.

Dempsey should win but not by stoppage, never in a million years.
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