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Default Re: Jack Dempsey vs James Toney @ 190 Catchweight

There's no way in hell I can imagine this guy beating Dempsey :


For all his alleged "defensive genius" he doesn't half take a lot of punches, esp. to the body, and several to the head that come over the top that he's ridiculously slow to react to.
And Jirov is playing pitty-pat with those punches. In fact, both fighters are throwing weak arm punches almost the whole fight.

Toney has no legs, stands on the ropes and takes punches on his arms and on his flabby sides. Is this really the sort of "skill" that you'd want to fight Dempsey with ?

By all means, Dempsey might be over-rated due to generations of rose-tinted nostalgia and the hyperbole that accompanies such a cultural icon of America .... but what the **** is the excuse for this gross over-rating of James Toney ?

A 1987 cruiserweight Holyfield would have punched beaten Toney from pillar to post, and probably stopped him. Qawi would have probably punch the **** out of Toney too. Dempsey would have crushed him.
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