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Default Re: Boxing Scoring FAQ and Discussion

Originally Posted by Drew101 View Post
Good stuff, Juice!

Just going to throw this out as an example of how one could/should score a round...

In the final round of the Peter Quillen-Hassan N'dam N'jkam tilt, HNN was in clear control throughout the first 2 minutes and thirty seconds of the round, and outlanded Kid Chocolate by a fair margin. But in pressing the issue, he left himself open for a counter that dropped him with less than 30 seconds remaining, and was subsequently dropped against just before the final bell.

How would you score the round?Would you place greater emphasis on the two kd's and call it 10-7, or call it a 10-8 round because Hassan did much better worth throughout ninety percent of the round...?

(I went with the latter option, but I wanted to hear you take and rationale for the score)
I think that you have to asses the damage done too. If a fighter was dropped two times he ought to take more damage than the other fighter. I would score the round 10-7.
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