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Default Re: Jack Dempsey vs James Toney @ 190 Catchweight

Originally Posted by Unforgiven View Post
Toney's results, performances and achievements above middleweight are very patchy. His reputation seems to be aided largely by his big mouth and a few 'old school' moves and skills that don't seem so effective outside of highlight reels. He was an excellent fighter but he's getting a bit over-rated.

I think Dempsey would stop Toney, because I seriously doubt Toney can take punches to the body for 12 or 15 rounds from Dempsey, never mind the head. His "defensive skills" involve taking shots to the shoulders, arms and sides, and standing on the ropes trying to slow the pace and then pot-shot and counter. It's suicide against Dempsey, imo.

I'd expect several men to stop Toney. Men with speed, power and workrate, at cruiser or heavyweight.
Toney would have lasted 3 rounds with Mike Tyson, at most, imo. It could well be over in 1 round.
I agree with what you've been saying Unforgiven but I SERIOUSLY doubt Dempsey would KO Toney particularly in a modern rule set with modern gloves. It usually took Dempsey dozens of knockdowns before getting his man out of there and added to the fact there was much smaller gloves, no moutguards, beign able to stand over and hit a downed opponent and refs turning a blind eye to Dempsey's numerous fouls. The closest thing resembling Toney that Dempsey fought was Gibbons and he lasted the whole 15 but got outworked and I think that's what happens here.
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