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Default Re: Jack Dempsey vs James Toney @ 190 Catchweight

Originally Posted by MadcapMaxie View Post
I agree with what you've been saying Unforgiven but I SERIOUSLY doubt Dempsey would KO Toney particularly in a modern rule set with modern gloves. It usually took Dempsey dozens of knockdowns before getting his man out of there and added to the fact there was much smaller gloves, no moutguards, beign able to stand over and hit a downed opponent and refs turning a blind eye to Dempsey's numerous fouls. The closest thing resembling Toney that Dempsey fought was Gibbons and he lasted the whole 15 but got outworked and I think that's what happens here.
I dunno, Toney's style doesn't impress me regarding his chances to survive Dempsey.
Gibbons had legs, and ran with them, and grabbed (Dempsey was coming off a 2-year layoff and probably wasn't prime sharp anyway). Toney, even in his prime at lighter weights, was always a bit static.
I can only judge his style from what I see. I see him standing on the ropes, taking shots in the body and arms, and rolling ones to the head. Being cute on the ropes. Certain guys would murder him for doing that, Dempsey I think is one of them.
I don't see Toney on his bicycle, jabbing and grabbing and running.

In a modern rule set, fights are stopped more readily, so that balances out against what you said about Dempsey needing numerous KDs and fouls.

Dempsey KO'd a few guys who hadn't been stopped before.
Bill Brennan, Billy Miske, Battling Levinsky had never been stopped until Dempsey did it.

If a 190 pound Toney had faced the prime Holyfields, even light-heavy Moorer, or even David Haye, never mind a prime Tyson, and stood up to those sorts of assaults and speed and punches, I'd probably revere his durability far more.
I just don't consider Jirov, or massive dreadnought plodders like Sam Peter to be great indicators of his ability to survive a sustained Dempsey assault and mauling.
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