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Default Re: Geale v Mundine II Road to redemption

Originally Posted by TCboxa View Post
shut up two chins lol..

Josey, not sure if im going to have a bet, its a very close fight to call and imo could go either way, all depends on which version of Mundine turns up for the fight.

Spider i could name alot more than 4 but that still wouldnt please you. My point is that bookies dont always get it right and going from bookie odds alone doesnt tell you for certian who is going to win, it didnt for Greens fight against Tarver and the Pole now did it but flash back to the fights and im sure you would have us all think diffrently because the BOOKIES SAID SO hahaha
Bookies get it right far and away the majority of the time. That's how they make their living, by collecting the losses of the punters. Don't you understand that
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