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Default Re: JDS v Velasquez II

For me it is still an incredible 50 50 fight. Both went caveman on their recent opponents and showed they are still the 2 best in the division. Overeem features but theres a huge cloud over his credibility.

I'm supporting and picking JDS but I don't think any real weight can be given to the first fight. JDS executed that night. In fact, the first fight probably helps Cain to further realise that he has no business taking any shot from JDS. Cain is still the best wrestler at HW, with the best engine and the most tenacious style. These 3 qualities on paper still poise huge problems for a fighter who isn't a grappler, has good but not necessarily comparable stamina and likes to work at his own pace and range.

The question still remains, what if Cain starts taking JDS down and pounding on him. Can he avoid being put down, does he have an active enough guard on the ground and can he handle the pace Cain will set.

It's a huge fight and one I've had my eye on since the last fight and Cains mauling of Big Foot.
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