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Default Re: Wladimir Klitschko vs. Rocky Marciano

Originally Posted by dinovelvet View Post
Nightcrawler, you know well that report isn't the only source in the world. Its a known fact Rock was one of the hardest hitters in HW history. Every professional boxing writer agrees on that.

When Wallcot went down, he barely made a twitch for 5 full minutes.

He punched Vingo so hard he went into a coma and never fought again.

Lastraza's both arms were broken from defending himself and get to get surgery to remove blood clots that turned to into big lumps of jelly.

Wlad is a heavy puncher, but so are most HW's. Rahman used knock fighters down like bowling pins. Does that mean hes a harder hitter than rock?

Who has Wlad put away as that matches the severity of some of Rocks victims? He couldn't knock out Haye.

Imagine what would happen to Wlads brittle jaw when Rock lands clean.
marciano was a massive hitter, massive for his size. wlad in my opinion is just as destructive when he lands. he just prefers to wears fighters down, grind them down before finishing them. he has the power just a different style and means of delivering it

as for if rocky him him clean, sure he could knockout wlad. i don't see him landing cleanly often enough to knock him out. sure, one is all it takes but usually it takes a lot more than one. even in this matchup
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