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Default Boxing coaches deserve respect

Boxing coaches deserve respect, they are there to teach boxing to young or old, amateur or pro, beginner or a guy looking to stay fit or to learn how to take care of themselves. They are there rain or shine, make little or no money. One of the things that is taught, is sportsmanship and respect, something missed by some posters who come on here. If you dont know the human body as they do, you are considered mentally deficient.
Maybe somebody should inform these know it all's, who wrote the book on modern science and technology, that a boxing coach teaches BOXING.
If they want to impress their girlfriends with their superior knowledge of the human body thats great they probably cant fight anyway.
I wonder what these guys think as they are being punched in the face "The oscillation of the framus, undermines the perpendicular core muscles of my glut's."
Boxing coaches have done a terrific job for centuries, for being so dumb and not understanding the human body. I wonder if all those HOF'rs, ATG's, champions of everyweight and size, knew that boxing coaches were so dumb.
Let me clue these know it all's, boxing has always been up to date with every technological advance's in conditioning. Boxing coaches are not as dumb as you think. Conditioning is not their forte, they know how to get a fighter ready to fight, conditioning is but ONE part of it.
I can tell you I think most people would rather sit around talking with a boxing coach then a boring lecture on the twitching of muscle fibers. If a fighter had a conditioning problems I would highly recommend an S&C guy, if the fighter is like most fighters their boxing coaches or the asst coach, takes good care of the conditioning. They actually win fights not knowing anything, I sometimes wonder how they cope with life not knowing the human body and all the modern science available to them.
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