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Default Re: Wladimir Klitschko vs. Rocky Marciano

Originally Posted by Boilermaker View Post
If you watch the rock, his battle plan doesnt change, so this is an easy question.

He will crouch in a proper stance. He will look to slip and duck Wlads Jab so that he can land a hook and uppercut. When Wlad Clinches when the fighters are in close, (as he always does), instead of trying to outmuscle and wrestle him (as most recent fighters have done), he will break immediately, set himself in the same position and fire off exactly the same jabs, straight rights, hooks, uppecuts etc. this is going to do a few things, but most importantly, it is going to make Wlad lift his workrate to much, much higher than he is used to. Something which his recent style has been designed to prevent. This will mean that Wlad becomes very tired and prone to the KO which is one of his biggest weaknesses he has. As seen by the Purity and Brewster fights among others. I know he has managed to hide this with his Style, but Rocky is a different ball game.

The biggest concern in this fight for rocky is obviously the reach disadvantage. No doubt it is massive. But what difference does it really make. rocky had a massive reach disadvantage in every single fighter he fought. And this is made all the more obvious by his inside style which doesnt really require reach anyway. Wlad has not ever fought an inside fighter that i can think of, with the possible exception of Sanders or possibly Haye. And neither of those really had a high workrate like Marciano.

It is unlikely, though possible (based on Sanders and even Brewster and other fights) that Wlad will fold on the first punch rocky lands. It is also unlikely (based on Purity, Brewster, and other fights) that Wlad can maintain the workrate needed to beat Rocky. It is possible i guess, but i just cant see it. When i think about this fight, I really think that Wlad's best chance is to come out swinging hard, much like the younger but less successful version of himself. If he catches Rocky earlier, it is definitely possible that he KOs him, or dazes him enough to stop his work rate and dominate the fight with his jab, as he has others before him. Unlikely but definitely possible, and i think this might give him a better chance than Jabbing and Grabbing and hoping he has the stamina to stay.
i'm sorry but i don't see this at all.

1) rocky WILL try to crouch and slip the jab. he will fail, round after round and his eye will close as a result

2)rocky will not break the clinch. wlad is stronger (yes, rocky was a bull for a 180 pound man) and will hold til he's ready to let go. rocky may swing wildy at the break and catch him the odd time. as orriray pointed out, punching upward will take away a LOT of his power.

3)rocky will NEVER be in position to fire off his barrage. wlad will push him back and use his feet to create distance. rocky would be missing by inches every single time.

4) rocky's workrate will be completely nullified by wlad's control of the distance and tempo of the fight. add that to wlad's jab, clinches and constant leaning on rocky,and we'll see that workrate drop significantly
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