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Default Re: Wladimir Klitschko vs. Rocky Marciano

Originally Posted by dyna View Post

His arms are truly too short to hit Wlad at normal ranges.
By the time he can hit Wlad his chin Wlad can already push him away.

And punching that much upwards is going to kill your power.
This is not totally unrealistic or unbelievable.

But, you have applied the computer game annalysis too much, and it doesnt work that way. For a start, tell me:

But what distance did Fraziers left hook travel? ABout 15-20 inches? if you are leading with this punch, as he and many otehr great figthers did on many occassions, you are going to have to overcome a reach disadvantage of about 30 to 40 inches against any fighter, even the middleweights! Sure, this is often set up with a jab, which evens things out, but it often isnt.

I agree that smothering and pushing is a good tactic for Wlad (though you cant really do both teh way Wlad clinches which is basically to push down with his gloves and lean on his fighter). With Wlads gloves and tape, you cant really hold the arms and clinch (so it isnt his fault). Rocky doesnt really wrestle and push that much. when clinched or pushed back, he would just reset himself and come back swinging (without the 3 or 4 second break minimum which most of Wlads opponents have). It wont affect Rocky, and rocky will (unless he lands cleanly and scores a KO) will definitely be troubled until he wares Wlad down, much like he was troubled in many of fights until he wore his opponents down. Obviously it is doubtful that Wlad will be an easy fight early on even though i think rocks chances are better against Wlad than many fighter you might expect him to dominate and have an easy night against.

Your last point about punching up is an interesting one and fair, but again, it is overblown with a computer game style ****ysis. Things are not that simple. For a start , we are talking give or take an inch or two about 6 foot against 6 and half foot. which is six inches. Although Wlad fights high, and with a straight style, he does still drop down few inches which lessens the difference even further. Consider also that Rockys head punches are usually going to be when they are in close which means that wlad will be dropping right down (if he uses your tactics) and trying to push or lean on Rocky. This will completely take away any height advantage anyway and Rocky will probably end up punching down. Plus, what you are saying is more true for straight punches which is not necessarilly the punch Rocky will be throwing. Hooks are much easier to throw up a few inches and so are uppercuts. In fact for uppercuts it is actually easier to throw up. Body blows, obviously will not make much difference. Also dont forget that Rocky likes to crouch as low as possible with his legs to make it hard to hit him and easier for him to spring up and put power in his punches so in some ways the disadvantages you describe are opposite for rocky.
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