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Default MagMatts strength and conditioning log

Hello everyone.. I have been boxing for about 3 years or so, and have a decent winning record.. For the last year or so, I haven't had so much fire in my training as I used to (im still in the gym every day Im supposed to be, I just havent been able to push it as far as diet and stuff at home goes, which USED to be only roadwork for me... So I will basically start strength training for the first time in my amateur boxing career now, and Id like to log it here for motivation and criticism! (I did a deck of cards worth of push ups and situps each night for about a year when I first started training, but since then, I will do a quick "routine" here and there but never stick to it).

Anyway, sorry for the long intro. I am actually on a break from the boxing gym til New Years, so I have decided to use the off time to help get in a routine of running(again) and strength training.

Tuesday 12/18/12 (Day One)

Ran 2.5 miles (live in the mountains, always makes for a fun run, and always finish with a hill sprint, huge hill right before my driveway)
Circuit.. 3 Sets of each
Squat Jumps(tuck at top of jump) x 15
Clap Pushups x 15
Clean and Press(explosively, lightweight I think 45 lbs) x 15
Boxing Squats x 20
Pull ups x 5, chin ups x 4
Burpess(replaced 2nd and 3rd set of sqwuat jumps) x 15
Medicine Ball Push Ups(one hand on, other off) x 20 (replace 2nd set claps)
Push ups with feet elevated and hands on medball(replaced 3rd set claps) x 15

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