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Default Re: MagMatts strength and conditioning log

Thursday 12/20/12
Ran 1 mile on treadmill, 6:44 (warm up)

Tabata Intervals (did 3 minute instead of 4, 20 on 10 off)
Heavy Bag Punchouts, Tabata 3 minutes
1 Minute rest
Burpees, Tabata 3 minutes
1 Minute rest
Mountain Climbers w/plyo pushup every 3 tabata 3
1 Minute rest
clean and press tabata 3

Pull Ups,
10, 7, 7

Abwork (Alternated between barbell twists, glute-ham raises, and sit ups on roman chair).

Damn, I was stronger in 10th grade when I was in strength training class! Haha

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