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Default Re: Boxing coaches deserve respect

Originally Posted by dempsey1234 View Post
Aaah, ya know I gotta respond, "You have serious issues pal.", WITH WHAT? "You're the one who is continuously trying to disrespect the profession of a strength and conditioning coach, why do you feel so threatened?" I DON'T.

I Respond to people who think they know it all, ck your past posts you'll see they are littered with how dumb and clueless boxing coaches are. You guys were quick to jump on the bandwagon, that S&C dramatically increased JMM's power, when he ko'd Pac. c'mon, power was not a problem for Marquez, 39ko's many one punch jobs coming into the Pac fight.
I am not totally against S&C guys, for JMM, who is an older fighter, I would definitely call in an S&C guy, if the fighter is moving up in weight, like Donaire, yes sir a good s&c guy comes in handy, if the fighter is having trouble with his weight, you get the idea. S&C guys are specialists problem solvers. Respect boxing coaches, they donate all their spare time, taking kid's to tournaments, and doing all they do, A kid needs shoes or some equipment the coach finds a way to get the fighter what he needs. So respect is in order try to understand that they are not clueless or dumb, they may not have the time.
I said they are generally clueless when it comes to knowledge of the human body and how to condition an athlete. There would be exceptions of course, openminded boxing coaches who utilise the advances in sports science. It sounds like you have a crush on some kind hearted boxing coach. You seem to like to paint everybody with the same brush, people are individuals, not their profession.
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