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Default 2006-Larry Holmes in Brawl with MMA Fighter?


Tonight at the gym (Larry Holmes Training Center) undefeated NHB fighter Carmello Morrero was putting on a brutal dirty fighting sparring match with Mark Holmes, Larry Holmes younger brother. Larry jumped into the ring and challenged him on the spot. Carmello objected but after being slapped in the face, squared up with the aging ex-champion. The resulting brawl was shocking. Holmes dropped Carmello with a 1-2 but Carmello jumped up and shot a double leg on Holmes lifting him high to the air and slamming him down thunderously. Holmes, incensed by this turn of event, crotch locked Carmello, amazingly wrestles back to his feet and TAKES HIM DOWN! After landing 5-6 punches Carmello was sleeping.
Holmes afterward said Carmello taking him down pissed him off the most in that he was a great wrestler in his youth and this is why he was determined to wrestle back to his feet and take the guy down before pounding him out."---From poster.

Anybody know anything about this and whether or not it's true?
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