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Default Re: Strength conditioning for boxing

Originally Posted by watpoae View Post
Currently I do 3 weight sessions a week, spending about 40-45 minutes each session.

I split it into two full body splits, doing compound exercises. Here are my splits:


Dumbbell Bench Press 10 x 3
Dumbbell Shoulder Press 10 x 3
Barbell Squats 10 x 3
Pull Ups 15 x 3


Weighted Tricep Dips 10 x 3
Dumbbell Shoulder Press 10 x 3
Stiff legged dumbbell deadlifts 10 x 3
Dumbbell Bent-over rows 10 x 3

What does everyone think? Mainly trying for strength with these and I try to do each exercise with a 1 minute rest between each set.

In terms of weight, just keep increasing the weight or just limit it to certain weights? With all the cardio I'll be doing I won't have big muscle mass gains anyway but still ensure whether to just aim for maximum weight each session or keep it capped.

On the 3rd session of the week I add a mini core curcuit to the end.

Hi, I'd change up the exercise order a little to make tings more effective.


Day 1

A: Barbell Squats, 10 x 3, 30X0, 120s. rest
B1: Pull Ups 10 x 3, 30X0, 60s. rest
B2: Dumbbell Bench Press 10 x 3, 30X0, 60s. rest

Day 2

A: Clean Grip deadlifts 10 x 3, 30X0, 120s. rest
B1: Weighted Tricep Dips 10 x 3, 30X0, 60s. rest
B2: Dumbbell rows 10 x 3, 30X0, 60s. rest

Twice a week with this workout is all you need, like Mon/Thu or Mon/Fri, whatever. There should be at least 2 rest days (from lifting) between the workouts.

A station is single, so you do the squats (or deadlifts), rest as prescribed and do them again.

B1&2 is a double station, so you'd do B1, rest for 60, do B2, rest for 60, back to B1, back and forth until all sets are done.

That's more time-economical and more effective.

30X0 is the tempo and means lower the weight under control for 3 seconds, then explode up, repeat.

As far as over load: it's important to consistently add weight, BUT! the following is a common newbie-mistake: they slap on weight every time until form (and eventually the body) breaks down.

The professional way of doing this is to add weight as soon as you hit full reps on all sets, not earlier!

So say you did 10 sets of 3 reps on the deadlift, with perfect form and tempo, then next session the weight goes up, usually by about 5% or so, 5-10 kg for the dl for example.

Then again wait until you get full reps, and raise again.

One more thing: this (above) is a good phase, but a phase is all it is, meaning you'd do well to change it up after some 4-6 weeks or so: everything changes, rep bracket of say 6 that time around.

Hope that helps brother, Have Fun!
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