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Default Re: Boxing coaches deserve respect

boxing coaches don't know how to condition an athlete properly. i guess i have to take you by the hand, facts are, boxing coaches have done a terrific job for centuries, all good coaches since the 1700's have always brought in a conditioner to handle the conditioning. In fact if you check out all the fights ever fought, the vast majority were in shape ready to fight.
you do anything you'll get conditioned, it takes someone with knowledge to condition someone to a higher level and gain a competitive advantage, and that's where a strength and conditioning coach comes in. in some cases yes, if your fighter has special needs otherwise a good boxing coach and his team know how to prepare a fighter going from 3rds to 12rds no problem you think a boxing coach can do a better job at conditioning an athlete than someone who specialises in conditioning athletes? yes, for the most part, an s&c guy is not needed, s&c guys are for special needs fighters.
i thought the boxing coach was too busy giving to charities and being a saint
once a yapper always a yapper, and you actually think you are making points, now thats funny

just curious you seem to know alot about twitching muscles, does it make you a better fighter? By the way you talk if you do fight you must be a p4p guy, with all the modern science and technology to help you.

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