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Default Re: Bodybuilder/model picks on twerps plus nutrition,experience, fitness advice share

Originally Posted by viru§™ View Post
Of course. If your back aches something is wrong with your body. Muscle imbalances, flexibility, mobility, injury, they all affect your lifts to different degrees.

It may just be the way your tensing but it looks like you have some scoliosis kicking in.

Good mornings are by far the best lower back exercise you can do. It's tough to find a decent instruction video as every one I've seen doing them explains them wrong. You basically start in the same stance as a squat with the bar on your back, squat down and lean forwards until your in the starting position of a deadlift then stand back up. Start light and keep the reps relatively low at first, you **** up this lift with too much weight or fatigue and you'll most likely **** yourself up.
Yea I'm 100% sure I have scoliosis, it's always been that way though so its not due to working out, never bothered to get it checked though.
I tend to keep most back exercises pretty light now through fear of injuring it.

Originally Posted by Opti View Post
Just try superman's basically the reverse of a sit up! Hyperextensions (Back Extensions) are very good as well!

Both should help to build up your lower back and also there is good mornings (Personally don't like good mornings)
Yea those are great actually, need to add them back in.
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