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Default Re: My first steps into training and coaching..

Originally Posted by dempsey1234 View Post
if you have a special needs fighter, yes a good s&c guy is needed and can be an asset. Most of the time you dont need that specialized training a good boxing coach can adequately do the job, do you dispute that?
No. Nobody does.

and to answer your question, it depends on the situation. I would say yes s&c guys have more book learning, but boxing coaches have more hands on experience
Why do you think S&C is all learning and no physical work? I could give you a list of world class strength and conditioning coaches with many, many years of hard work and hands on experience training some of the top athletes in the world if you'd like?

I really don't understand why you downplay S&C and see the coaches as these pathetic wannabes that just read books all day and do nothing else. They're there for a specialized area if needed and most are damn smart and hard working if they're called upon.
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