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Default Re: Scores for Margo vs. Williams

I see this thread has gotten very few responses as most dont actually have a scorecard to post!
Typical of a fan to just post what the HBO re****s feed them.

While some of you decide to take HBO's word that Williams was up 5-0 after 5 rounds at face value.
I saw and scored the fight round by round, and say different.

Heres my complete scorecard......
Rounds 3,4,6,7,8,10 and 11 for Margarito.
Rounds 2,5,9,and 12 for Williams
Round 1 I had even.

7-4-1, which means 116-113 in favor of Antonio Margarito.

I thought what Margarito said post fight was 100% correct.
While Williams threw loads of punches, the great majority of them were picked off by Margarito's gloves, arms and elbows.

Margarito picking off Williams shots was'nt anything that Margarito did that was subtle. It was'nt hard to spot, Margarito was visibly and clearly picking off Williams shot at the pass.

In turn, Margarito's work to WIlliams body went un-noticed by the re****s at HBO.

Margarito may have thrown less, but he clearly imo landed the harder, cleaner, and more effective blows.

It was a good contest, but I'm one that does'nt reward fighters like Paul Williams that do very little significant punching.
He was flicking and slapping more than he was punching.

As for Margarito, its a pity that judges often times dont reward body punching. Margarito because Williams was in constant retreat, did his best work to the body.

HBO gave alot of credit to Williams for his jab and volume and punches, but for someone who was supposed to have landed a significant amount more than Margarito, you look at Margarito's face and you could'nt tell he was in a fight.

It was a close fight with alot of close rounds, but I feel Margarito was disrespected by the judges for the champion that he is.
There is absolutely no way that Williams took the title from the champion. Not by running away, and not by the authority (or lack of) that he used in his punches.

116-113 Margarito!
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