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Default Re: How does your current P4P top 10 look

Originally Posted by BobDigi5060 View Post
CC did outclass Diaz, but he lost every minute against the Champ. He wasn't any higher on my list than he is now, but his stock plummeted. I got Nick Diaz at #10 for the same reasons why Frankie Edgar lies in the middle of the pack... Former Champions who stayed on top and lost a step by way of controversial decisions. The two decisively defended their belts for sometime

I feel D Cruz will be taking up space for the next year (even if he is still champ), but Machida is unworthy. Lyoto Machida couldn't even defend UFC Gold, and was punched out after what most call a gift. Hendo rides high after beating Fedor, and knocking out every other LHW in SF. The loss to Shields was a sign that he couldn't make the MW limit anymore so if I had to I would probably place him right at #10... More accomplishments than Diaz, and more of a dominant force behind caged doors! He seemed to go life and death with Shogun during that WAR, but in the end he won like the best in the world do

As sweet of a fighter as Machida is, he doesn't have the substance to be p4p, and shouldn't be placed above any Champion fighting the best in the World. But, that is what these discussions are for and I applaud you for creating what will be a long standing thread

Far as I'm concerned, Hendo and Machida are fighting for a spot on that list.
Diaz ............ is this in reference to his reign as SF champion? because if it is, he cannot in any way shape or form be compared to Frankie Edgar, Edgar was the man who beat the man, TWICE! Diaz was the man who was fighting middle level guys, and beating them! claiming to be a "world champion".

Dan Henderson is Dan Henderson but im sorry, he's done! he's got nothing left, he has absolutely zero business in the current top 10 P4P list. I salute the man's courage and i salute his services to mixed martial arts, but he's not an elite fighter, not today, and the top 10 p4p only has room for elite!

I have to dis-agree with the what seems like the whole forum about Machida, stylistically Shogun had his number, he did not lose that fight against Rampage, he claims he was ill against Jones and was advised not to fight ???, not sure, we'll never know, his reluctance to go looking for the champ may suggest otherwise, he's now on a run of form, which for me see's this unique top draw fighter back into P4P contention, i have a spot for Machida like i do Velasquez, he will be back, and i hope they give him Phil Davis or Alexander Gustaffson because IMHO he'd obliterate both of them!

Like you say Sir, its always good to debate
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